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Fees and Attendance: 

In order for prospective clients to determine if my practice will be a "good fit" for her/him/their child or family, I  provide a no-cost  telephone or 1/2 hr. office consultation before they complete an intake for my services.

My basic hourly rate (fifty minute hour) is $100.00.
For an intake assessment (approx. 1.5 - 2.0 hours), I charge $145.00.
Payment is due at time of service by cash or check.
I do not accept credit cards at this time. 

If a client needs to cancel an appointment, I do not charge if I have 24 hrs notice.  I charge the full hourly rate for a “No call, no show.”   I can assist with [non-legal] case management or problem-solving by telephone, at a rate of $15 per 15 minutes.


My practice is primarily done on a "fee-for-service" basis,; i.e., the client pays at the time of service.  For all insurances, clients pay at time of service and I give them a statement they may submit to their insurance company for their policy’s reimbursement for an out-of-network mental health services provider.

If clients wish, they may contact Pioneer Health Resources (775-324-5820) to complete a telephone screening.  If Pioneer accepts your insurance, you may request an intake with me; and the clinic will bill the services to your insurance.

Either way, I am affiliated with a full treatment team, including a psychiatrist and nurse, to whom I may
refer clients for assessment of medication needs if they do not already have a resource.

Clinical Work connected with Court/other Legal Proceedings: 

For Independent Evaluations of children or adolescents, or any other work connected with Court and/or Attorneys, my standard rate is $200.00 per hour, payable in the form of a minimum retainer* of $2500 at initiation of this process.
Services covered under the retainer include:

1)  Case consultation with attorneys

2)  Research and/or preparation of materials for use in evaluation

3)  Intake processes & documentation conducted with parents

4)  Time evaluating the child/adolescent/adult

5)  Preparation of reports for attorneys

6)  Travel & expenses connected with Court appearances

7)  Time "lost" from ongoing clinical practice 

*This retainer can be divided 50/50 between the parents of a child/children being evaluated, or by the client's attorney(s).
Refunds are sent to Payor(s) (clients/parents/attorneys) for unused funds.